For the competition, our designs had to be inspired by a novel or movie; I chose the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. I wanted to portray Alice as a strong heroine instead of a Disney princess. For this reason, I used a black roofing rubber which resembled leather for my garments. I hand painted the top and skirt set with red roses using acrylic paint to reference the scene where the Queen of Hearts forces the cards to paint the roses red.

I wanted the makeup to be dark and dramatic, and I had the model’s (Laurel Kurt) hair sleekly pulled back to show maturity and sensibility. For the dress, I explored the character of the Queen of Hearts, creating a deconstructed queen’s gown. I played with pleating, lace and the idea of a crown, and I created a crown from silver wire wrapped around my head. Furthermore, I added ruffles on the front and back of the dress as well as rectangular strips to imitate pleats. Here the makeup was a little softer and the hair was gently pulled back as I wanted to create a more elegant look.